A highly accurate tool that offer clients something other than a weight scale, BMI, and a pinch test

“Walking into Max Muscle as a client for the first time in Fairfax, Virginia, Kristin weighed me in using an infrared Futrex machine. I was surprised by how a relatively public weigh-in at the front of a busy retail store, could be so non-invasive and allow for a confidential consultation. The Futrex analysis gave me a glimpse into the real potential for my own Max Muscle store as I could envision working with people from all walks of life using a highly accurate tool that would offer clients something other than a weight scale, BMI, and a pinch test. I made a decision that day that I wanted to buy a Max Muscle franchise and have my own Futrex! Even

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Futrex has been a great boon to our wellness program

“We, the Wellness Coordinators at Lockheed Martin Wellness Center, purchased a FUTREX-6100 body composition analyzer last year and it has been one of the most valuable investments we have made. The Futrex has been an invaluable resource for us since its arrival, making assessments in the Wellness Center much easier and facilitating greater number of participants during our screenings and health fairs. We and those being assessed have been very pleased in every usage situation. Before we invested in this unit, we conducted extensive research to ensure the validity of the unit. We were confident that the FUTREX-6100 would eliminate inter-tester variability, but wanted to ensure that each reading would be valid. After a personal demonstration, and more importantly, after

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The ease and convenience of the FUTREX-6100

“Can I get my body fat percentage checked?” is a popular question at our worksite. Our employees here at LCA Body Plant (General Motors) want to know their percentage of body fat. This is a more important indiactor of health than just how much a person weighs. The ease and convenience of the FUTREX-6100 near-infrared technology has me sold. It is quick, non-invasive, accurate, and gives the client immediate results with printed information to take with them to review. Due to the results many people have set goals to reduce their body fat percentage. At one clinic, 62 people were checked in 3 hours! I am very pleased with the amount of interest and participation. Any time I get the

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